Google BigQuery & Qlik Sense Integration with the Big Data Connector by Stretch

Google BigQuery & Qlik Sense

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Best Way of Connecting Google BigQuery & Qlik Sense

The Big Data Connector for Google BigQuery is a Qlik Sense connector developed by Stretch, based on our collaboration with multiple customers and their needs for at simple and efficient way of loading large datasets, 1 billion+ rows, from Google BigQuery into their Qlik Sense solutions. But do not let the name fool you, with linear scaling capabilities the Big Data Connector is just as perfect for small data requirements as for true big data.

Furthermore, the Big Data Connector supports key functionality not supported by any other Google BigQuery connectors for the Qlik platform, like the support of multiple billing accounts.

The connector supports following key requirements:

  • Supporting loads of 1 billion+ rows
  • Achieving loads speeds allowing for multiple daily full reloads of such datasets
  • Utilizing Google Service Account for authentication
  • Supporting multiple billing account
  • Supporting cross project data loads
  • Being easy to use


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