Download guide: "Test for success"

The foundation for a successful IT project - delivered within the agreed upon time, cost, and level of quality - is reliable, unambiguous, and testable requirements. This is a critical success factor throughout the whole project lifecycle. In this guide we will highlight how a right approach to testing secures benefits in IT projects.

This is how you succeed with your IT Project

One of the keys to success is a strong and appropriate focus on test. Constant changes and fierce competition have led to changes in the way IT projects are implemented. In particular, time to market must be as short as possible and the solution needs to work as intended from day one. 

Testing is beneficial

Several studies indicate that it is in fact beneficial to invest test. Fixing an error in production cost 100 times more, versus fixing the same error in the requirements.

In this guide you will learn, among other things, that:

  • Testing has changed
  • Test is profitable
  • How testing should be conducted